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Work Spaces We Offer

EZSpaces offers a range of coworking and private office spaces on rent to meet your specific needs, including private offices,
dedicated desks, flexible desks, and virtual offices. Our office spaces are designed to enhance productivity and collaboration. Also, our office spaces are well equipped with modern amenities and customizable options, to make it personalized for you.

Conventional Office Space

If you are someone who likes everything ready, then these types of offices are for you. With EZSpaces best conventional office spaces, change your space according to your needs.

Private & Shared Workspaces

If you are looking for private office spaces or shared office spaces near you, then we are here to provide both as per your business requirements with full availability as per your team size.

Managed Office Space

Add whatever you want in your office with our E2E Managed office space. Our Eeperts will help you gettng the desired working spaces as per your demand.

Bespoke Office Space

Customize medium- to large sized office spaces. Celebrate working at a place you like. EZSpaces working spaces provide coworking, private, and modern spaces as per your desires.

Virtual & Flexi Offices

Get a virtual office address with EZSpaces and save on rental costs! Register your business address without physically renting an office space. Make it virtual with EZSpaces Virtual and Flexi offices.

Multi-City Offices

EZSpaces offers office solutions that are simple, customizable, and tailored to your team size. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, get the perfect workspace no matter where you are located.

Why Choose EZSpaces commercial office spaces?

  • Strategically located: Get access to your workspace from everywhere near you as we have office spaces across India.
  • Privacy and security: At EZSpaces, we offer office spaces designed with your privacy and security in mind.
  • Networking and collaboration:  Connect and collaborate with other professionals and grow your business.
  • Best price guaranteed: Get the best in-price office spaces on rent, ensuring the most value for your money.
  • No brokerage fees: We believe in transparent pricing and don’t charge any brokerage fees to our customers.
  • Free trial: We offer a 15-day free trial for the commercial or office spaces you’re interested in (T&C apply).

Full Floor Office Spaces

Searching workspaces? We got you! Our strategically located spaces across India offer privacy, security, networking opportunities, and the best prices for full floor office spaces on rent, all with a transparent pricing policy.

Customised Executive Cabin

We at EZSpaces understands that every business has it's unique needs, and that's why we offer customizable office space options that can be modified as per your demand.


We offer flexible desk options for those who prefer to work on-the-go. Our full flexible desk options will provide you a comfortable and dynamic workspace, allowing you to work from anywhere.

Made to order HQ set up

Enjoy the vibrancy of our shared spaces with your choice of individual desk plans. Experience the dynamic atmosphere of our shared workspaces with our flexible individual desk plans at EZSpaces.

Private Office

EZSpaces offers a range of private office options at affordable prices, along with a variety of amenities. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of our private office spaces and enhance productivity.

Dedicated Desk

EZSpaces offers dedicated desks for individuals or teams who prefer a permanent workspace. With our dedicated desk option, get your own personal space in our vibrant coworking community.

Modern Conference Rooms

At EZSpaces, we offer modern and elegantly designed conference rooms that enhance professionalism and creativity, inspiring your team to achieve their goals.

F&B + Full Stationary

Our co-working spaces are equipped with F&B facilities to ensure you can take a break and recharge yourself. Additionally, we provide full stationary so you don't have to worry about anything.

Our workspaces Locations (National)

Our office spaces are designed to cater to the needs of individuals and teams of all sizes. We offer affordable office space solutions to help businesses thrive. Our workspaces are equipped with modern amenities, including high-speed internet, and desired meeting rooms.

Benefits of setting up your sustainable start-up in our coworking creative space

Networking is much easier in a coworking space. You can connect and find individuals with creative capabilities that match your needs. Coworking space is known to be a fulfilling space for those who are in constant need of new talent, which explains how it can come in handy for any start-up!


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