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Our Modern Office Spaces Are Simply Stunning & Comfortable

Services We Offer

Bespoke Office Space

Customize Medium to large sized Office spaces. Celebrate working at a place you like.

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Private & Shared Workspaces

Decide whether you like would want a private space that helps you network, and we will bring it to you.

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Managed Office Space

Add whatever you want in your office with our E2E Managed office space.

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Conventional Office Space

If you are someone who likes everything ready but likes to change it to however you need, this is for you.

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Multi-City Offices

No matter what city and team size. Get a simple and customizable working space wherever and whenever.

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Virtual & Flexi Offices

You can even register an office address without having to rent it. Make it virtual!

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Benefits of setting up your sustainable start-up in our coworking creative space:

Networking is much easier in a coworking space.* You can connect and find individuals with creative capabilities that match your needs. Coworking space is known to be a fulfilling space for those who are in constant need of new talent, which explains how it can come in handy for any start-up!

  • Actual Office Space That Promoting Productivity
  • Meaningful Connections With Your Team
  • Increased Productivity To Get Some Work Done

Why EZSpaces

Full Floor Office Spaces

Got a large team? Looking to start big? We got you! Our full floor office spaces are comfortable and creative.

Customised Executive Cabin

We understand that everyone wants something different, that's why we have this customisable option.


Flexible Desks are available for those who do not like to be stagnant. Full flexible desks are available.

Made to order HQ set up

Enjoy the vibrancy of our shared spaces with your choice of individual desk plans.

Private Office

Get your own private office at reasonable prices along with a range of other options.

Dedicated Desk

Enjoy the vibrancy of our shared spaces with your choice of individual desk plans.

Modern Conference Rooms

Minimal, designed modern conference rooms that boost professionalism and creativity in your team to achieve goals.

F&B + Full Stationary

What's working with breaks and what's breaks without food and beverage.

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