The modern-day workspaces: Putting mental health and peace first

In today’s Workspace environments, rows of clunky computers have given way to co-working areas; in-trays are now inboxes; and we stamp our feet if the Wi-Fi takes more than a few seconds to upload on our digital devices when we wander round the office.

The workspaces we mostly see around have been made sure of fit in the most amount of computers and walls, it’s almost sticking to the walls of our ears.

Difficult to work in a crowded room, everyone has meetings, everyone has things to talk about and the mis-matched lunch time, one cannot forget!

Flexibility and well-being are quickly taking centre stage in office design. It is crucial to have spaces that can adapt over time, growing and contracting to accommodate the more entrepreneurial approach preferred by many of today’s most cutting-edge enterprises.

Open-plan areas that can be readily separated, segmented for different applications, and made more private or public are being inspired by a desire for flexibility.

Contrast this with a typical open-plan office, which has infinite rows of identical desks. Instead, the workspace resembles a hybrid of a person’s home, a cafe, and an office.

Comfortable couches and relaxation places blend in perfectly with spaces that include standing desks and are intended for brief meetings. Variable seating densities promote various modes of thought and interaction among staff members.

Physical settings that maximise the possibility of chance meetings between potential partners are something we’re used to seeing. These are the things that inspire original and surprising thoughts and foster a fun, creative workplace.

Private offices are now uncommon, but in five years they’ll probably be as valuable as gold. There are drawbacks to the increasingly open-plan offices’ lack of private space. Businesses incur annual costs of billions due to stress-related ailments, which some have linked to a lack of privacy. Office planners and designers are beginning to address the issue head-on.

One of the stories we hear from around the globe is the introduction of a number of seclusion pods that may be installed in various types of workplace space in an effort to combat the rising levels of stress among employees. Staff members can relax in RESET (Responsive Emotional Transformation) pods, which provide soothing activities.

A more adaptable work environment that provides variation and an escape for focused work would be the futuristic solution. With the flip of a screen, conference rooms may rapidly transform from boardrooms to collaborative workspaces to relaxation zones. The lighting, as well as the positioning of the furniture and other things, could all be changed with the push of a button.

At EZspaces, we provide you the option of choosing between a private office in a quiet setting or something more communal. Given that your place of employment has the greatest impact on your mental health, it is in your best interests for us to keep you all informed and provide facilities with a range of options.

To learn more about enhancing the workplace experience with EZspaces and to view the carefully chosen spaces available around India, read our other blogs.

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